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Baywatch, Bananas, Killer Surf and Bad Hawaiian Shirts

Swallow the Moon(cakes)

We had a blast at the Holiday Inn Yalong Bay last weekend. Here’s the video we shot.

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Anyone for Wennis? Waboba Tennis

We spent International Waboba Day, August 12, playing Waboba Tennis (Wennis). What did you get up to?

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Cast Your Vote and Help Decide Who Wins a Sanya Holiday Plus 5,000 RMB in Cash

Waboba Video Competition

Cast Your Vote


We had four great entries for the Waboba Asia Video Competition 2010 and it has come down to a head-to-head clash between Sanya locals, Tim and Misty, the Mazzarellas and Brendan of Surfing Hainan.

Now we need you to help us decide who deserves to win the five-star holiday plus 5,000 renminbi in cash.

Click here to watch the videos and cast your vote.

If you’re kicking yourself for not having entered the competition, watch out for the Waboba Asia Video Competition 2011, coming soon.

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Your Chance to Win a Sanya Holiday Plus 5,000 RMB in Cash

Something for you budding James Camerons and YouTube fiends out there. We’ve launched the Waboba Asia Video Competition.

The first prize is a weekend at one of Sanya’s five-star resorts. The prize includes flights to and from Sanya from anywhere in Asia, plus two nights in a five-star hotel, plus 5,000 RMB in cash.

To enter the competition, all you have to do is shoot a video that has a Waboba ball in it somewhere, preferably with it bouncing on water.

Feeling inspired? Maybe you think you could do better than Nate and Brendan’s video for the Surf and Skate.

For full details of the competition, click here.

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The Boy in the (Sanya Property) Bubble

The Bounceologist is moving onwards and upwards. We are now contributing posts directly to the Waboba Blog Asia website. Here’s one about the Sanya property bubble and that terrible sinking feeling you get when you realise you backed the wrong horse.

And what a bubble it is. Prices here doubled overnight.

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Surfing Hainan Open Goes Live on the Net

Surfing Hainan Open
Apologies for the oceans of time since the previous post. Among the many things keeping us from blogging are preparations for the Second Surfing Hainan Open on November 6-8.

We’ve been building the website for the event, and if all goes according to plan (assuming there’s a 3G signal at Mama’s Restaurant in Riyuewan), (Read more…)

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The First Annual Sanya Music Festival, June 27-28, 2009

We’re not letting you off lightly. Pack up your guts, trunks, bikini, shades, SPF30 and your best sense of adventure. You’ve got things to do before the rocking starts at the First Annual Sanya Music Festival

For full details, click here.

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Sanya Property Goes Snap and Crackle, but the Pop Comes Later, Perhaps

I Dreamed a Dream

I Dreamed a Dream

Is it or isn’t it a bubble? In his latest Real Estate Review, Mario over at Sanya Expat takes the view that the Sanya property market could well be a bubble, but a bubble with room to grow.

Mario’s report is a handy overview of the market and the pricing in the various parts of town, and a rehearsal of the argument that surging demand for a place in the sun could keep local property prices rising for a good while to come.

But what’s with all of the frantic building, especially on second-tier sites set well back from the beach? Is it waving or drowning? (Read more…)

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Ultimate Pyjama Accessories #43: The Segway

Segway Takes Sanya By Storm

Segway Sanya Style

Aw c’mon, mobile phones, man bags, cigars, cocktails with curly straws and umbrellas in the top… they’re all just like so NOT NOW, like so way back last week or something, LOL, ROFL, :) , etc.

In the Sanya beach style happenin’, the cool points are all with the Segway now, that sleek combination of übermodern silent mobility, gravity defiance and spinning gyros.

Gently lean forward and you’re hurtling toward the sea with no sign of stopping. A subtle wiggle of the hips and you’re whizzing impressively past the bronzed Russians in their bikinis. Another wiggle and you’re up at the ice cream counter ordering two Cornettos.

All it needs now is a cup holder. (Read more…)

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Sanya Windsurfers Compete Over the Naming of Things

Windsurf Sanya Bay

Sea, Sky and Windsurfer

“People believe a little too easily that the function of the sun is to help the cabbages along.” Gustave Flaubert

And Flaubert was right, of course, because as any sailor, surfer, windsurfer or kitesurfer will tell you, the sun is actually there to make the wind blow and the waves topple over.

Warm winds have blown through Sanya for nearly a month now, so we recently doused ourselves in sunscreen and headed off to Sanya Bay to try out the latest on offer in sailing and windsurfing. (Read more…)

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