Ultimate Pyjama Accessories #43: The Segway

Segway Takes Sanya By Storm

Segway Sanya Style

Aw c’mon, mobile phones, man bags, cigars, cocktails with curly straws and umbrellas in the top… they’re all just like so NOT NOW, like so way back last week or something, LOL, ROFL, :) , etc.

In the Sanya beach style happenin’, the cool points are all with the Segway now, that sleek combination of übermodern silent mobility, gravity defiance and spinning gyros.

Gently lean forward and you’re hurtling toward the sea with no sign of stopping. A subtle wiggle of the hips and you’re whizzing impressively past the bronzed Russians in their bikinis. Another wiggle and you’re up at the ice cream counter ordering two Cornettos.

All it needs now is a cup holder.

For the vertically inclined, the Segway is now available for 20-minute rides on Yalong Bay beach in front of the Sheraton Sanya Resort at a cost of 200 yuan per time. For more information, contact Sanya Zero Tourism on 0898 38283300 or 13925008823.

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