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Blast Ball for Youngsters and Swimming Pools

Click the image on the left for a video of the Waboba Blast in action.

The Waboba Blast is a brand new product designed specifically for youngsters and for use in swimming pools.

It is larger than the Waboba Extreme, measuring 7 cm in diameter (about the size of a baseball), and moves more slowly than the Extreme, making it easier to catch. It also requires less strength to throw.

It is a light, squashy gel ball with a slightly heavier core to give it the right weight and consistency to bounce on water and not sink.

The ball is recommended for children up to the age of about 14. Children above this age may prefer the Extreme ball, which bounces far and fast, but requires slightly more strength to throw.

How We Do Our Market Research
We swim in Sanya every day and we have enough experience of wrestling our own Blast ball from youngsters at the end of our swim to know that children absolutely love this ball.


Extreme Ball for Big Kids, Sport Lovers and the Open Sea

The Extreme Ball was born to bounce. If you throw it down towards the water at an angle of maybe 40 degrees, it will bounce right up like a tennis ball.

If you skim it like a stone, it can easily travel 20-30 metres across the water.

Click on the image to the left to watch the Extreme Ball official video.

With a diameter of 5.5 cm, the Extreme Ball is smaller than the Blast, which makes it a handy pocket size.

Like the Blast, it's a gel ball with a slightly heavier core, but it also has an extra outer layer of elastan to reduce drag when it hits the water.

So you get a lot of excitement with this ball because it bounces fast and far.

It's great fun at the beach or in a pool (preferably a larger one) and it is also the ideal ball for playing the sport of Waboba.

Waboba the Sport
Get your friends together and head for the beach. It's Waboba time.

You need two teams with at least two people in each team, and the aim is to bounce the Waboba ball to your team mates while the opposing team tries to intercept. The detailed rules are included with every ball in English, Chinese and Russian.



The Ball that Bounces on Water
Now, why didn't I think of that? Ten years ago, Swede Jan von Heland had a deceptively simple thought - why not create a high-performance sport ball that bounced on water?

It was easier thought than done, but many years and many failed attempts later, Jan finally had a ball he was happy with and a patent to cover its unique design.

The amazing Waboba Ball was born.

If you watch the videos above, you'll notice that the design of the ball has been improved over time. The current orange and grey Extreme ball has considerably more bounce than the original plain orange and plain yellow balls shown in some of the videos.

Buy the Waboba Ball Online
You can buy the Waboba Blast and Extreme from us online via For more information on how to order a ball,
click here.

If you would like to find out more about Sanya Bounce or the Waboba Ball in China, please contact us here.