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Waboba 水上跳球



Love beaches and swimming pools? Going away on holiday? Don't forget your Waboba ball - the amazing ball that bounces on water.

Waboba 水上跳球

当我们说 Waboba 球在水上跳起的时候, 不单指它象玩水上飘石, 它还有其它各种各样不同的玩法.

Waboba 球可真正地跳起. 如果用一个角度用劲扔球, 40 度 , 它就会象网球一样立即跳起, 跳得又高又远.

Waboba 球是高性能的运动球, 它是第一个专门设计于可跳在水上的球.

Bounceology 101
When we say that the Waboba Extreme Ball bounces on water, we don't just mean that it skims (although it does that too).

It really bounces. If you throw it hard at the water at an angle of, say 40 degrees, it will bounce right up like a tennis ball.

Using patented technology, it's the first high-performance sport ball designed specifically to bounce on water.

Buy the ball.

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We now stock the Waboba BlastWaboba Blast
Ideal for youngsters and swimming pools

The Waboba Ball is now available at all of the main hotels and beach resorts in Sanya, Hainan.

Sanya, China's premium beach destination, receives an amazing 20 million tourist visitors a year, almost all of them from Mainland China.

  Waboba 水上跳球Based in Sanya, Hainan, Sanya Bounce is a dynamic, young distribution company with a unique niche in the exciting and fast-growing Chinese beach leisure market.  

If you have design-led beach toys, sporting goods or leisure equipment that you would like to sell to China's Baywatch generation, Sanya Bounce can heWaboba 水上跳球lp you.

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