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The ball on offer via this page is the Waboba Blast. You can order it retail through our Chinese listing on

If your Chinese isn't great or you're not familiar with Taobao, you may need help from the Taobao Field Guide.

For the Waboba Extreme, click here.







Waboba 旋风球是 Waboba 球类额外增加的一个全新的品种。这个亮黄色的球比 Waboba 极速球大,并且便于小孩接球和投掷。

Waboba 旋风球专门为 14 岁以下小孩设计并在泳池里使用。


它的外经是 70mm, 硬纸盒包装,并附有英文,中文,俄罗斯文说明。

此球已通过质量检测和 CE 认证,在中国销售的这些球同在世界各国销售的球是相同的。


如想知道更多关于 Waboba 旋风球的信息,请看此球的精彩表演录像,点击此处

Waboba Blast
The Waboba Blast is a brand new addition to the Waboba range. This bright yellow ball is larger than the Extreme ball and easier for youngsters to catch and throw.

The ball was specifically designed for children from the age of three up to about 14 and for use in swimming pools.

It's a squashy gel ball with a slightly heavier polymer core. This patented design gives it just the right weight and springiness to bounce on water and not sink.

It measures 70 mm in diameter and comes in a cardboard box with instructions written in English, Chinese and Russian.

The ball has been quality tested and is certified CE, suitable for children aged three and up, and the balls sold in China are identical to those sold in the rest of the world.

To buy the ball online via Taobao, click here.

To learn more about the Blast and see a video of the ball in action, click here.


The main information on the Taobao page looks something like this:

Price per piece:

60.00 yuan

China Post:
(Mainland China)

7 yuan

Express shipping:
(Mainland China)

10 yuan

EMS Shipping:
(Parcel Post)

22 yuan
Shipping is free with orders for two or more balls
Number you would like to order:

If you're a seasoned Taobao user, or if you read Chinese, you just need to click through here to buy the ball.

Otherwise, you probably need a bit of extra help from the excellent Taobao Field Guide.

Taobao Field Guide, or TFG as we call it, is a step-by-step guide showing English speakers living in China how to enter the weird and wonderful world of Taobao - China's largest and most popular online shopping website.

Taobao Field GuideWith examples and clear illustrations, it takes you all the way through the process, from registration, to adding money to your account (this bit requires a trip to the post office), to checking feedback and buying your dream item.

Before you know it, you'll have your Waboba ball ready for bouncing and also be whizzing around Taobao, snapping up other great deals and hard-to find products.

Get started here.

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