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Fun in Sanya - Don't Follow the Flag
Much of Sanya's beach activity is organised for tours shipped in by the coach-load. But we at Sanya Bounce like the feeling of freedom that comes with the wind in our hair, salt in our lungs, the slap of boat or board against wave, and those satisfying bursts of spray you get as a Waboba ball skips across the water.

Here is a brief guide to activities that give you freedom and don't cost an arm and a leg.

Surfing Hainan
Based in Dadonghai and run by American Brendan Sheridan, Surfing Hainan is rapidly becoming a Sanya institution. Brendan and Co offer lessons and board hire and organise frequent trips up the coast to some of the island's best surf spots.

For unprofessional surfers (us), these trips also offer a sneaky ride up-coast to the virgin beaches for less than the cost of hiring a car.

In summer, the surf comes to Dadonghai, a short walk from the Surfing Hainan shop.

Kite Surfing
If you see a buff Chinese man speeding across Dadonghai Bay as he dangles from a very large kite, it's probably Da Hai.

For a kite surfing lesson, you can contact Da Hai via Surfing Hainan or through his blog here.

Sailing and Windsurfing
The grandly-named Sanya Sailing Windsurfing Association is actually a rather modest affair, but it does have several windsurfers and a couple of sailing dinghies available for hire at both Sanya Bay and Dadonghai.

The association's website is down, but you can contact Andy Zhuang (庄加强) by mobile at (0)13976283213.

Another option is the Sanya International Windsurfing & Sailing Club, which is situated in front of the Howard Johnson Resort in Sanya Bay and is said to have the best windsurfing equipment available for rent in Sanya so far.

We haven't checked them out ourselves, but Unreal Asia's Hainan cycling tours sound to us like an excellent way of seeing the parts of Hainan that other tourists cannot reach.


We've included this one because we love it and we're biased. Was there anything more carefree than arriving with friends at a pristine beach with a Waboba ball in your pocket.

The Waboba is available in many of the hotels in Sanya, or through this website, here.

We will be organising occasional Waboba events such as this one at Fat Daddy's on Sanya Bay. Watch this space for details.

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Living large, Lost or lap of luxury? In Sanya, you can take your pick.



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