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Sanya Survival Guide for Parents
The travel industry in Sanya has come on in leaps and bounds over the last few years, but the city's hospitals and healthcare unfortunately haven't kept pace.

Here are a few pointers - taken from personal experience (our son is 14 months old) - on what to do if your child gets sick while on holiday in Sanya.

The obvious first step would be to ask your hotel staff for help and guidance, but if that is not forthcoming or is too slow, these tips may be useful.

Over the Counter
For children's fever or pain relief, you can buy Tylenol and Ibuprofen over the counter at pharmacies in Sanya.

In the image above, you'll see the standard Chinese packaging for the Johnson & Johnson Tylenol (泰诺林) sold in Sanya, as well as a Chinese brand of Ibuprofen Granules (布洛芬颗粒). You can also buy the Johnson & Johnson Children's Motrin Drops (which is liquid Ibuprofen) packaged in a red box. The Chinese name for this is: 美林 布洛芬混悬滴剂.

In the box below, we have given addresses for pharmacies in Dadonghai, Sanya City and Yalong Bay. Drugstore Anteka in Yalong Bay is in the shopping centre outside the beach-facing entrance of the Crowne Plaza. It is on the left as you approach the steps to enter the hotel.

The two main hospitals in Sanya are Nongken Hospital
( 三亚农垦医院 ) and People's Hospital ( 三亚是人民医院), both on Jiefang Lu ( 解放路), the main road running through the centre of Sanya.

Although it is said that these two hospitals are better equiped than others in the city, they are relatively basic even by Chinese standards and they both tend to get crowded.

Our preferred starting point is the Chinese Medicine Hospital ( 三亚市中医院) situated just opposite the Beauty Crown Cultural Centre (where the Miss World Pageants are staged). This is a new, relatively clean hospital with fewer patients and shorter queues.

The pediatrician at the Chinese Medicine Hospital is businesslike, takes her job seriously, is clearly overworked, and speaks no English. You may well find that if she prescribes antibiotics for your child, it will be in the form of an intravenous drip.

In our experience, this is the standard method of administering antibiotics to children in Sanya, but if you ask for the same antibiotic in tablet form, the doctor is generally open to persuasion.

Dr Mease of Guangzhou United Family Clinic
Although there is currently no international clinic in Sanya, Dr Alan Mease, pediatrician at the Guangzhou United Family Clinic, owns an apartment in Sanya and visits the city at regular intervals throughout the year.

He keeps in touch with expat families with children in Sanya and offers consultations and advice when needed. He has very kindly made his contact details public.

His email address is: alan.mease[@] (you will need to remove the square brackets). Alternatively, you can contact him via Guangzhou United Family Clinic.

The clinic's main number is: (020)8710 6000. The 24-hour Urgent Care phone number is (020)87106060.

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